Tue, Feb 1 10:25am

Hillcrest Parents:


Next up in our Week of Action to help save community schools, including Hillcrest Middle: speak out and stand up.


But first, a reminder:


5PM TODAY is the Hillcrest Community Listening Session with Board President Gary Yee. Zoom here




Last night, the Board made their case for closing and consolidating schools. But it included incomplete data and missing context — and the fast timing of this process doesn’t allow for the community to weigh in and make adequate corrections. And we still don’t have a clear rationale for why Hillcrest Middle School is being truncated.


Here are some talking points that you can share with friends, neighbors, board members, and more:

  • The Board provided an incomplete financial impact analysis, which does not account for the proposed truncated schools. Neither Hillcrest nor La Escualita were included in the financial analysis, and data for Community Day is incorrect.

  • The Board claims total savings estimated to be between $4.1M to $14.7M per year, which at the high end, only accounts for an approximate 2% savings in the annual budget.

  • The Board claims declining student enrollment as a cause for consolidations, yet taking a holistic view at OUSD data, including Oakland charter schools that have grown to nearly 17k students, the overall Oakland enrollment is down by only ~0.6% over five years. In addition there has been no strategic solution to increasing enrollment in our public schools, solving the problem at its root cause.

  • The Board claims this decision is equitable, but it disproportionately affects students of color. All but one closure are in majority Black and Latinx schools.

  • The Board claims this decision could help to increase teacher pay, yet it eliminates a total of 11 teacher positions which is not enough to meaningfully increase teacher salaries across the district.

  • The Board claims this is a necessary cut to address financial deficits, but they’ve provided no evidence of considering alternative options and have gone straight for the nuclear option of closing schools.


Please share this info widely, and include in any emails to District 1 Representative Sam Davis and District 4 Representative Gary Yee.




Today at 5PM is the Hillcrest Community Listening Session with Board President Gary Yee on Zoom. But there are also a number of other activities going on throughout the city today and throughout the week. 


We’ll be stronger if we stand together!

We need to support neighborhood schools beyond Hillcrest. Let’s join hands and show up for our black/brown community members facing dire consequences if schools close.


Here’s a short list of what we know about so far. We will update this list daily.: 


  • Tuesday, 2/1 and Thursday, 2/3: Car Caravans at 5pm 

    • Car Caravan/Protest Details for Tuesday, 2/1

      • 1. 5 p.m. 5717 Gaskill Street, Oakland 94608

      • 2. 6 p.m. 7427 Holly Street, Oakland 94621

      • Please bring protest signs and musical instruments. Plan to socially distance, wear masks, and make some noise. There will be guest speakers and a short program. Around 5:45 p.m. we will caravan to the second location.

      • Details regarding Thursday’s protest will be available Thursday morning. #NoSchoolClosures”

  • Thursday or Friday: Manzanita Elementary? 

  • Thursday: Equity Allies for a community conversation at 7 pm

  • Saturday, 2/5: Prescott Elementary (​​920 Campbell Street) at 10am 


We NEED a Hillcrest volunteer to maintain a community calendar and start a sign-up sheet that lists updated event information and includes names of those from our school who can attend which event. Please reach out to Jodie or Holly to volunteer.