Wed, Feb 2 9:41am



Hillcrest Parents:


Our week continues. It’s been a tough couple of nights, but let’s remember what really matters: the students.




These proposed school closures and consolidations affect our kids more than anyone, so let’s give them a platform to be heard. Three ways they can get involved:

  • SEND A MESSAGE: What do neighborhood schools, including Hillcrest Middle School, mean to the kids? Hillcrest students can record a positive video message for the school board here. Entries are due at 5PM on Friday, Feb 4. We encourage messages of positivity and hope, and messages will be reviewed to ensure appropriate content. Students can also send letters to city, county, and state elected officials here.

  • SIGN A STUDENT PETITION: Fourth grader Julius Goodman has created a petition to save Hillcrest Middle School. Sign his petition and share with a friend! We appreciate the work of all of our students to help maintain the special impact that grades 6-8 have on our school.

  • ATTEND A COMMUNITY EVENT AGAINST SCHOOL CLOSURES:  THANK YOU to the many Hillcrest Parents (and media) who attended Tuesday night’s car caravan in support of keeping OUSD schools open. There is another car caravan planned for Thursday! We’re collecting future events in this shared doc; please add what you know. Make a plan to attend at least 1 more thing this week, and bring your kids to appropriate events. Share photos and any quotes we can share with the larger Hillcrest community!



Board President and soon-to-be Hillcrest District Rep Gary Yee met with Hillcrest parents Tuesday night, and we appreciate his time and willingness to meet with us again to answer more questions.


The goal of the next session is to ensure he’s armed with the information necessary to cast a NO VOTE. Let’s keep the conversation respectful and kind — and remember that nothing is final until the votes are in.


Questions will be shared with Dr. Yee in advance of the session, and we’ll be focusing on the following topic areas:

  - The rationale to close the Hillcrest School

  - Financial analysis showing the impact of closing Hillcrest School

  - Future vision of OUSD K-8 education


In addition, we’d like to spotlight questions related to equity and students’ mental health that apply to all OUSD schools. Let’s show how we’re thinking beyond Hillcrest.


If you have additional questions that are incremental to the areas above you can submit them HERE. Please submit questions NO LATER THAN NOON TODAY, WEDNESDAY 2/2.



WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are looking: for media contacts and still need an events coordinator to collect and curate community events for our Hillcrest parents on our shared calendar. We’re also looking for contacts at other affected schools and supportive community organizations. Please message Holly Smith or Jodie Kirk on Konstella if you can assist with any of these. Thank you!



This Oaklandside article summarizes key events so far and also provides coverage of some of this week’s community events.