Thu, Feb 3 12:16pm


Hillcrest Parents: 

We know that the potential closure of Hillcrest middle school will affect our community in various ways, and acknowledge that there are a range of emotions and opinions on how to best respond.

Part of what makes Hillcrest a special community is our ability to provide space and respect to others. Our students use their empathy tool, remembering to care for others and care for themselves. 


Be kind to yourself and others during these stressful times.

There are a variety of ways to take action this week, and we aim to share key events. We encourage each Hillcrest community member to participate to the extent and in the manner that works for them.  


Car Caravan Protest Against School Closures - 5pm-7pm (Reparations for Black Students  + other community organizations)


Plan to socially distance, wear masks, and make some noise. There will be guest speakers and a short program starting at 5. Locations and details available here.

Hillcrest Parents are encouraged to attend, but will not be formally caravanning together.

Community Conversations: School Closures Forum - 7pm (Equity Allies for OUSD)

Low-income students of color are disproportionately impacted in the current closure proposal.  And with less than two weeks from proposal to vote, there is not enough time for sufficient community engagement or planning to take a trauma-informed approach to address these students’ needs.

OUSD’s own board policy mandates an Equity Impact analysis. Such analysis has not been done. In addition, nationwide studies have shown school closures do not save money nor do they improve outcomes for impacted students. 

Join Equity Allies for OUSD tonight at 7pm to learn more about the history of closures in OUSD, what the data shows about fiscal and community impact from closures, and to discuss potential options for the future. RSVP and submit questions here.


Follow-Up with Gary Yee - 5pm (Hillcrest Parents)

 Attendance details to come Friday morning

Our follow-up conversation with Board President Gary Yee has been moved to Friday at 5PM.  Questions have been shared with Dr. Yee in advance, and include the specific rationale around closing Hillcrest Middle School, benchmarks to track outcomes, and plans to support student transitions.

Direct communication with our elected officials is only one of the approaches this parent community is taking to slow down, and ideally stop, the closure process.

There are a wide range of questions and views represented by our parent community, and we’re working to allow space for a broad audience to be heard.

Hillcrest Parents & Students Solidarity Strike: All are welcome (Hillcrest Parents)

Meet at Hillcrest Front Lawn Friday @7:30a

A group of Hillcrest Middle School parents have organized a strike and rally for all grade levels to show solidarity with other schools impacted by the OUSD closures. Parents and students are welcome to participate, but should expect Hillcrest K-5 classes to run uninterrupted on Friday. 

If you, your student, or your neighbor are interested in joining this effort, please plan to show up at the Hillcrest front lawn Friday morning at 7:30a to meet with the organizers. The group will be divided to equally attend rallies at La Escuelita and Westlake, two of the OUSD schools slated for closure, and later will gather at Hillcrest for a site-specific rally. For more details, please see the flier posted to Konstella.

If your child would like to participate but you’re not able to provide transportation, please contact Meghan Langston to coordinate.

Oakland City Hall Rally - 3:30pm - 5:00pm (Reparations for Black Students + Hillcrest Middle School Parents + other community organizations)

3:30p Oakland City Hall, followed by a 4:30 March to 1000 Broadway, beginning at Frank Ogawa Plaza 


10a@ Prescott Elementary - 920 Campbell St.

4 Peace Community Walk


Thank you all for your time and energy on this at a time when both are in short supply. BE KIND to yourselves and each other as we navigate this stressful week.


For the broadest event information, please use this crowd-sourced document. Parents are encouraged to add event information.