Fri, Feb 4 11:19am

Hillcrest Families: 


Please remember that as we go into the community and advocate for no closures, we don’t just act in our own self-interest. While these closures affect Hillcrest, they affect thousands of other students and families, too. We stand in solidarity with the entire community. 



  • All day: Hillcrest families in solidarity with other schools (K-5 running as usual)

    • 7:30AM: meet at Hillcrest and join protests at other schools

    • 1:30PM: protest on the Hillcrest front lawn

    • 3:30PM: rally at City Hall


  • 5pm: <Gary Yee Zoom> with Hillcrest Community. Questions have been shared with Dr. Yee in advance, and include thespecific rationale around closing Hillcrest Middle School, benchmarks to track outcomes, and plans to support student transitions.


  • Ongoing 

    • Share talking points and digital posters on social media and in emails to your neighbors. PLEASE INCLUDE PARENTS AT OTHER OUSD SCHOOLS.

    • Email/call all the city council members! Encourage them to pass the resolution to aid Oakland schools.



  • Members of Oakland City Council have introduced a resolution to aid Oakland schools by calling upon Governor Newsom and the State Legislature to eliminate OUSD’s outstanding state debt to prevent closures, and amend state law to revise the Average Daily Attendance formula to remove penalizing schools when children are sick. Learn more about this resolution here, and email District 1 Councilmember Dan Kalb to pass this resolution to support Oakland Schools.



Thank you to Equity Allies for OUSD for leading a thoughtful discussion last night.  They shared their perspective that any plan should include an equity lens, and not disproportionately harm the most vulnerable families in the district. In addition, they emphasized that OUSD needs to address the underlying issues that contribute to enrollment loss and budget crises.


Their message emphasized that a nuanced plan that will adequately address student needs cannot be built in two weeks, which underscores the need to SLOW THIS DOWN.  Learn more in the Equity Allies discussion deck. 



There have been some rumors circulating this week that the political redistricting proposal currently under consideration, which will move Hillcrest from District 1 to District 4, will force some families/neighborhoods out of the Hillcrest catchment.  We want to clarify that these new district boundaries, if approved, do NOT impact school zoning and will not affect which schools Oakland students attend.