Sun, Jan 30 9:03pm

Hillcrest Parents: 

As you likely know, Hillcrest Middle School is one of 18 schools that the district has recommended for closure, consolidation, or truncation. Hillcrest grades 6-8 could be eliminated beginning in the ‘23-’24 school year; other schools could be closed or combined as soon as the upcoming ‘22-’23 school year. 

This recommendation will be officially introduced to the Board of Education tomorrow, January 31, and will be voted on in a special meeting on Tuesday, February 8.

Our goal is to slow, if not completely stop, this closure and consolidation.

This consolidation process is being done in bad faith, with little transparency or consideration for Oakland students and families. While some financial analysis was published 24 hours in advance of the special meeting to discuss school closures, it is missing some schools — and demonstrates the rushed nature of this recommendation. We believe that students’ mental health during the pandemic is being ignored, as well as likely educational outcomes. It’s clear the district has not met its burden of proof for consolidation of schools, and we implore the Board to hold the district accountable.



We’re suggesting a week of action to slow the closures and consolidations. Here are three ways you can help on Day 1:


  • SHOW UP TOMORROW: Join the School Board Zoom on Monday, 1/31 at 6PM, and reinforce the need for data-driven decisions and transparency across financial, educational and mental health analyses. State how this further degrades the belief that the Board of Education has students’ best interests at heart.

  • WRITE YOUR REPS: Decision makers and influencers need to hear our perspective. We’ll be suggesting different people to email each day. Ask them how they can stand behind this rushed process that will negatively impact our communities. Demand a school board that is transparent, values community engagement, and makes data-informed decisions to strike a balance between financial and educational outcomes. Please start your outreach to:

  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS: Tell your neighbors and friends at other schools. Anyone who lives in the city of Oakland should know what’s going on. 

The next week is critical to Hillcrest, as well as to other communities in Oakland. We’re all in this together. Please expect multiple days of communication and action related to these closures. You can also see great ways to take action all week in this flier from Reparations for Black Students.


A group of concerned Hillcrest parents started this work this weekend, but we know we’re not alone. If you’d like to be more involved in helping save Oakland’s neighborhood schools, please message Holly Smith or Jodie Kirk on Konstella.

Thank you!