School Closures Update
Mon, Jan 9 3:21pm


Vote on School Closures Expected this Week

D4 School Board Director Winner Still Up in the Air

What Happened During Winter Break

  • During the winter break, it was revealed that an error in the technology applied to rank choice votes wrongly awarded the School Board seat for D4 (Hillcrest cachement) to Nick Resnik when the winner actually was Mike Hutchinson (current D5 Director). This is a complex issue both in terms of what happened and what happens next. Read up: Oaklandside’s coverage, Nick Resnik’s press release, Mike Hutchinson’s FB page, Oakland City Attorney press release.
  • Outgoing OUSD President Gary Yee declined to agendize Mike Hutchinson’s resolution to rescind school closures for the School Board Meeting on January 11. (It will not be on the 1/11 agenda)

What Happens Next

  • School Board Meetings...
    • Today: 1/09
      • Nick Resnik was sworn in this morning as D4 School Board Director though it is unclear if that will hold. City council members and others are interested in taking swift action to resolve this open question.
      • VanCedric Williams and Clifford Thompson were elected as OUSD President and Vice President, respectively.
      • Both President Williams and several board members pledged to get a special meeting on the calendar this week or at earliest to take the vote on school closures.
    • Wednesday 1/11
      • Will run as scheduled, unlikely to include school closures resolution
    • Special Meeting: School Closures Vote tbd
      • We will update on Konstella once we have a date/time. It is expected to be this week.

What You Can Do

  • Email/message/text your School Board Director(s) regarding:
    • The D4 electoral error and visibility on what happens next
    • Getting the resolution to rescind school closures on the 1/24 agenda
    • Voting to rescind the school closures
    • (contact information follows)
  • Attend and comment (live or e-comment) this Wednesday’s School Board meeting and the Special Meeting tbd
  • Please continue to wait to enroll your 23/24 middle schooler until the OUSD deadline of 2/10

We encourage respectful and kind communication with our elected officials during what must be a very stressful, confusing and painful time for D4 candidates Nick and Mike.



Sam Davis: 

Mike Hutchinson: / FB

Nick Resnick: / FB / 561-306-6472 (cited on press release)

OUSD President Williams: