So. Many. Updates. (on School Closures)
Mon, Dec 5 9:14am

It will be a busy news cycle for the next two months for parents interested in the pending School Closures and the fate of Hillcrest K-8.

This Week’s Updates:

  • Last Week’s Board Meeting
  • Hillcrest K-8 Parent Survey
  • California DOJ Investigation
  • Key Upcoming Dates – Konstella Link

Last Week’s Board Meeting (11/30):

Key Points:

  • Director Hutchinson introduced a resolution to rescind school closures that are slated for the end of this school year (including Hillcrest MS). The resolution, 2223-0036, received no discussion at this meeting and will be agendized at a future meeting for a vote (likely 1/11/23.)
    • Part of the resolution has a clause that will ensure the schools that are slated for closure at the end of this academic year 2022/23 will be put back into enrollment options and people who may already have enrolled can do so again.
  • Director Hutchinson advised OUSD parents needing to enroll to WAIT until after January 11 to enroll in a OUSD school. There is no advantage to parents/students enrolling before the Feb 10 deadline.

Read Oaklandside’s coverage of last week’s OUSD board meeting.


Hillcrest Parent Survey – 1 MINUTE SURVEY for all Hillcrest K-8 Families

We are collecting data from Hillcrest parents regarding the possibility of keeping of Hillcrest Middle School open next year. The data will be used in discussions with the OUSD school board. If you prefer, there is an option to remain anonymous with your responses. One entry per household. Complete this super quick survey now!


California Department of Justice Investigation

Several Hillcrest parents have already spoken with the bureau and you are encouraged to use this resource if you are interested. It is a straightforward 30–60-minute zoom call.

“The Bureau of Children’s Justice is gathering information about the school mergers, consolidations, and closures that the Oakland Unified School District Board approved on February 8, 2022. If any parent in OUSD has been impacted and would like to be interviewed, contact to set up an appointment.” Read more about the investigation via KTVU coverage.


Key Upcoming School Board Dates

- Thursday December 8 @6p: OUSD “Charter Matters” Meeting

This is a small, repeating policy meeting with Directors Hutchinson, Thompson and Yee as well as leaders from the Charter office at OUSD. It is a great way to learn more about the charter system and schools in OUSD. Civil discourse and plenty of room for parent questions/comments. More info. Join the Meeting via Zoom.

- Wednesday, December 14 @6p OUSD School Board Meeting More info.

Please plan to join via Zoom or in-person! We will have a cohort of Hillcrest families attending in-person.

- Wednesday, January 11 @6p OUSD School Board Meeting More info.

Please plan to join via Zoom or in-person! We will have a cohort of Hillcrest families attending in-person.

This will be the first school board meeting with the newly elected directors. The board vote to rescind the closures may be on the agenda. Save the date and stay tuned.