Still Taking Action: Survey, Rally, Lobby, Petition
Mon, Feb 14 12:55pm

❤️ February 14 ❤️


This week, we’re continuing to fight school closures through multiple avenues, and will be further clarifying options for immediately impacted families.


Thanks to all of the 4th-6th grade families who were able to join us yesterday for the discussion about enrollment next steps. It was a great reminder of how much passion, knowledge, and commitment to Hillcrest this community represents. 





  • All Hillcrest families: Take this survey! Please complete this brief, anonymous survey (one per family) to give us a better idea of community feelings, plans, and needs. Help us be more informed representatives when advocating with the district and elected officials.

  • Join Thursday’s rally against school closures: 4:30 PM Thursday at the California State Building, 1515 Clay Street, Oakland. More info in the image below.

  • Continue lobbying against closures: Call and email local officials with this simple script. Please personalize as you wish, and know that an updated list of community talking points will follow later this week.

  • Sign this petition: Add your name to this petition asking Governor Newsom to forgive OUSD’s debt, allowing schools to stay open.


Immediately impacted (4th-6th grade) families: Look out for communications throughout the week with more detail on opportunity tickets & enrollment options. We are working to ensure everyone is as informed as possible prior to the OUSD enrollment deadline on Friday.


Help us: Interested in helping to shape our communications and keep the Hillcrest community informed?  Email for more.