Supplies for healthcare providers
Fri, Mar 20 4:05pm

Please read this important message from Hillcrest parent Stephanie Santos:


Dear Neighbors and Friends.

I hope you are doing well and surviving this new reality with the shelter in place mandate.  This shelter in place and social distancing is the truly the best way to keep the public safe and protect everyone including our vulnerable citizens.  Thank you for staying at home.

I am here to ask for help as a physician in the Bay Area.  Our hospitals and healthcare workers (right here in the Bay Area including my hospitals, Kaiser Oakland and Richmond) are facing limited supplies in gloves, masks, (isolation/ surgical and N95 masks), gowns, safety googles, hand sanitizers, and  bleach/Clorox wipes. The entire world health care system is in need of this protective gear because of the interruption in global distribution due to this pandemic.

Since you are at home and safe, please consider donating your surplus supplies.  No donation is too small- every piece of equipment helps us care for another patient and allows all our staff to stay safe.

I’m happy to collect donations - or  consider donating to a health care provider (nurse or doctor) in your life so they can donate to their hospital.  If inclined, please share among your friends, family and colleagues because every hospital is facing shortages, not just mine.

Also, any dentists or orthodontists out there whose office is closed down due to the ADA guidance?  Construction companies or schools with supplies whose operations are now halted? Please consider donating your surplus to a local hospital in the Bay Area.

Thanks for considering and stay safe and healthy!

Stephanie Santos

You can drop off supplies at my home (130 Hermosa Avenue). Please text me (646-334-8074) or email me ( to let me know (leave supplies on bench to the immediate right of stairs as we have many steps). I am happy to come pick up as well!