Support Public Education - Attend May 22nd State Wide Rally
Wed, Apr 17 1:01pm
Hillcrest Elementary

Dear Hillcrest Families,


The struggle to improve and protect public education nationally, in California, and for the children of Oakland continues. There are some local and state wide political actions the teachers of Hillcrest would like to encourage families to support as we fight to improve Oakland’s Public Schools for all our children.


May 22nd – There is a state wide Day of Action in Sacramento to pressure the legislature and governor to increase funding and create local accountability for charter schools.


-       Actions will be going on throughout the day, culmination in a mass rally starting at 4:00 pm

-       It is important that educators, parents, and community join to make our voices heard

-       90% of district money comes from Sacramento

-       California is 41st in the nation in terms of per-pupil spending despite our strong economy

-       We need to tell legislators and the governor to pass a 2019-2020 budget that fully finds public education

-       Charter school law is made in Sacramento and the legislators and governor need to support charter school accountability bills

-       AB 1505, AB 1506, AB 1507, and SB 756

-       These bills give authority to local districts to decide about charter school authorization and allows districts to consider the economic and academic impact on neighborhood schools when considering new charter schools, a long with other charter school regulations


May 8th and May 9th – The New School Venture Fund, which supports the expansion of privately run charter schools. Is hosting a summit in downtown Oakland. There will be a rally on Thursday to oppose unregulated and privately run charter school, details to come.


The Hillcrest teachers will have an information table at the Walk-A-Thon with additional information about the May 22, Day of Action.


Save these dates and spread the word, support public education!



The Hillcrest Teachers