TONIGHT: School Board Vote on Rescinding School Closures
Tue, Jan 10 9:34pm

OUSD School Board Special Meeting TONIGHT at 6:30p

to Vote to Rescind School Closures


Join Hillcrest and broader OUSD families tonight in person or via zoom at the OUSD School Board special meeting as school board directors vote on Director Mike Hutchinson's resolution to RESCIND SCHOOL CLOSURES, introduced on 11/30/22.

Per Hutchinson, if his resolution passes without amendments the six schools slated for closure at the end of this year (including Hillcrest 6-8) will be saved from slated closure.

IN PERSON: 6:30pm at La Escuelita 1050 2nd Ave


Link to Official Agenda (includes link to resolution and e-comment when live)

Link to all upcoming School Board Meetings