Wed, Feb 9 12:21pm
A quick heads-up that the timing of tomorrow's PTA meeting has changed.
Please plan to join us at the PTA Association Meeting at 6:30p-7p (regular PTA business) and stay on for the Hillcrest School Closures Meeting at 7p-7:30p.
The PTA Board (voting members) will meet prior at 6p.
Zoom link and more details to come tomorrow and...


Thank you to all the people who have sent me messages this morning regarding the daily comms.    Holly Smith, Katie Daire, Sarah Shere, Meghan Langston, Matt Brown, Eileen Carney, Nicole Lopez & Lauren Dresnick are the true Hillcrest Heros who have lost sleep the past two weeks.





We want to APPRECIATE the amazing LOVE, SMARTS, PASSION, AND EMPATHY this Hillcrest student/parent/teacher/staff community has shown during the last 2 exhausting and emotional weeks. There is enormous gratitude among so many of us for how we have come together on behalf of not only our beloved school but our community at other OUSD schools who do not share our resources.


Last night’s vote* did not go the way we wanted, even if it was similar to what we expected.




But today we encourage everyone, including those fighting so hard behind the scenes, to take some DEEP BREATHS and do something today that brings you joy.


Please plan to join the PTA Association meeting Thursday at 6p for more info on the path forward, including support to families in 4th-6th grade as they navigate the maze of school options, “opportunity tickets”, etc. in parallel with our ongoing efforts to stop the close.


- Your Loving Hillcrest Parent Community



*Details on last night’s final vote on an amended resolution as we currently understand them, according to Ashley McBride, Oaklandside

  • Here's how the vote went.

    • Eng yes  

    • Williams no

    • Hutchinson no

    • Gonzales yes

    • Thompson abstain

    • Davis yes

    • Yee yes

  • Two schools, Parker K-8 and Community Day, will close this year. [Fall ‘22] Five more will close next year. [Fall ‘23]

  • Prescott, OUSD's 153-year-old elementary school in West Oakland, will stay open

  • RISE Community Elementary will merge with New Highland Academy, but all the other mergers were removed from the resolution. (The other mergers—Westlake w/West Oakland Middle School, Dewey w/Bunche on the vacated Westlake campus, and Manzanita Community with Fruitvale).

  • La Escuelita K-8 will become strictly an elementary school this year [Fall ‘22]

  • Hillcrest K-8 will become elementary only next year [Fall ‘23]

  • Korematsu Discovery Academy, Horace Mann Elementary, Brookfield Elementary, Carl B. Munck Elementary, and Grass Valley Elementary will close next year [Fall ‘23]