URGENT Action Required re: Adventure Time after school care
Tue, Aug 3 4:28pm

Dear Hillcrest Families,

We are writing with a very important update concerning the Adventure Time after-school care program at Hillcrest. If your child is currently enrolled in AT for the coming semester, please read carefully and complete the form linked below. For families not in AT, this message is optional, though you may be able to help us.

If there has been any upside to the past 18 months, it has been the spirit of community which has arisen over and over again at Hillcrest.  Time after time, challenge after challenge,  I have been so impressed with the way our community has come together to support each other.  We are currently faced with a new challenge that will require a community response.

Most of you are probably aware that there is a tremendous labor shortage throughout our country and particularly in our area.  Adventure Time reached out to Hillcrest this morning and shared that they are facing a staffing shortage so severe that right now they are not able to safely staff any of their school sites, including Hillcrest, at full capacity.  At this time it appears AT can only offer about half of their usual staffing, which means only 50% of student slots are available at Hillcrest, since the staff-student ratio is fixed.

Adventure Time serves two purposes at Hillcrest.  It provides critical after school care for parents working outside the home, and it provides fun enrichment for children.  Right now, we need to come together as a community to prioritize those families whose livelihood depends on access to after school care.  

We are asking any families who are able to VOLUNTARILY DELAY YOUR START IN ADVENTURE TIME until mid September.  We are hopeful that we will be able to offer more slots at that time.  Selecting this option does not mean you lose a spot - we will work with AT to reevaluate regularly and resume full capacity ASAP.  Families that help by delaying their start will, of course, keep their place in line.

Please think creatively and considerately about this option - are you in a position to help your community?  Perhaps you have greater work-from-home flexibility after school hours? Perhaps, you and other parents could “pod” to watch each other’s children after school— each of you taking a day.  Perhaps you have grandparents or other family who would enjoy spending time with your children on the Hillcrest playground after school?  

If there are not enough families who step up to voluntarily delay their start, we will move to an equity based lottery system for available spots.  Priority will be given to families in the following categories:

  • Essential Workers who must work outside the home - (especially medical and childcare related)
  • Single parent families
  • Kindergarten students - recognizing that our new earlier K dismissal may require an extra burden for some families

Adventure Time will then have a lottery for available seats.

ACTION NEEDED - All families who registered for Adventure Time must complete this form (click here) by midnight on Wednesday, August 4th in order to secure a spot through the lottery if it becomes necessary to hold one.  Questions should be directed to Mimi Albert <mimialbert@comcast.net> and Margaret Costa <margaret.adventuretime@gmail.com>.

We are also asking for our community’s help in finding staff for Adventure Time!  Please reach out to anyone you know - babysitters, pod teachers, friends, families.  They are open to hiring people for short term (maybe folks who head off to college in a month) or for the whole year.  Hours are flexible, 3-7/day depending on availability - could be some days or all days.  Pay starts at $17/hour but depends on experience and could be negotiable at this point.  Minimum qualification is a  high school diploma or equivalent with some experience with children.  Training is provided.  Employees must be able to pass a background check (fingerprints).  PARENTS/FAMILY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO APPLY!  Please have any interested candidates email  the following people:  Mimi Albert <mimialbert@comcast.net>; Margaret Costa <margaret.adventuretime@gmail.com>

I am very hopeful that we will be able to work as a community to “right size” the staffing:student ratio for the next month AND find enough staff to open at full capacity in September.  

As always, we appreciate your support,

Maria McCormick - Principal, Hillcrest

Mimi Albert - Director, Adventure Time