Sun, Apr 5 12:09pm

Dear Hillcrest Community,


The  Hillcrest staff and I have been working hard to determine the best ways to support our school community.   New this week from OUSD  is that we are now able to  introduce new skills, and cover new material.   Please refer to each individual  classroom schedule for more information about next week's learning plans.  


Providing Necessary Technology to Families

As you know,  students have needed a computer at home for use  about  2-4 hours a day for online learning. We have reached out through our room parents and just recently Konstella about tech needs. Below is a schedule for families to come to school to pick up/drop off  the technology. Please carefully read the following information to determine when you or your student should be prepared to come to school.   If you have a school chromebook and are not using it, we  would appreciate it if you would return any unneeded device back to Hillcrest. 


Last Names starting with



All Families 

Turn in  Chromebooks

that are not 


Tuesday, April 7



Wednesday, April 8



Wednesday April 8




We recognize that there may be families who are not able to come to the school during this time period. If this is the case, please email maria.mccormick@ousd.org and we will try to make arrangements that work with your schedule.


Medication Pickup:  Families of children with health conditions who have medication stored on campus may pick-up medication Wednesday at the time period listed above based on last name.


Social Distancing at Pick up

Please remember that during pickup, social distancing is important. While I know that your children may be excited to see each other, for safety reasons, we ask that you keep at least 6 feet of space between your family and others’, and be sure to properly cover all sneezes or coughs. If you or a member of your family are experiencing any symptoms for any illness, such as fever or respiratory issues, please remain at home and email maria.mccormick@ousd.org or robert.rodriguz@ousd.org  to make alternative arrangements. If you are over the age or 65 or have a compromised immune system, we encourage you to stay home.


During this event, the campus will be accessible only to staff members so tables will be set up in front of the school. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this incredibly difficult time.


In partnership,

Maria McCormick