Updates (continued)
Fri, Aug 7 7:35pm

Hello Hillcrest,

Please see below for a few additional updates following Maria's earlier Konstella communication.

  • There will be no Monday morning circle this coming Monday, August 10.
  • The PTA now has a list of all unconfirmed students in Aeries and will be reaching out to impacted families to ensure student data confirmation by August 21.  Families no longer  need to contact Wayne Berreman for this information.  
  • Loaner Chromebooks Fill out this form (click here) if your student(s) will need to borrow a laptop/computer from Hillcrest.  Please complete this form regardless of whether you have communicated your request individually to your teacher, Robert Rodriguez, Maria McCormick, Neda Burapavong/PTA - thank you for your cooperation.  Note that Hillcrest is not equipped with a Chromebook for every student. Thus, we are asking families who have internet-accessible laptops/computers that are available for their student(s)' use to please refrain from requesting a Chromebook so that we can ensure that the limited supply of computers are allocated appropriately. Requests via this Google form will be monitored continually over the weekend and throughout the first week of school. Hillcrest staff and/or a PTA member will reach out to you to arrange distribution. Unless you have been specifically instructed by your teacher/Maria/etc. to pick up a Chromebook, please do not show up to school to request one.  The school must manage safety as well as Chromebook inventory so families will be notified of when to pick up their Chromebook.
  • The Tech Survey from OUSD and Oakland Undivided is completely separate from the Loaner program above.  If you need a loaner Chromebook, please complete the Google form in the link above.  Should you receive a Chromebook gift through the Oakland Undivided program, the Hillcrest Loaner laptop would then need to be checked back in for another Hillcrest student to use.  

Thank you,