Volunteers needed to open Nature Area during lunch time
Hillcrest Elementary
1 day before

Dear Hillcrest parents,


Thanks to all of you who have signed up.  But we still need more volunteers in order to have the nature area open for our kids.


As we have done in past years, we are looking for some volunteers on Friday at lunch from 11:15am to 12:05pm so that our kids (K-5th grade) can have access to the nature area.  The nature area provides an excellent alternative area to play in.  Plus on hot days, the nature area offers a shaded area to play.   


I personally find it to be a real joy to watch the kids run around, explore and create new games in the nature area.   For those parents worried about level of effort, this is not a difficult task to do.


In order to have the nature area open, we need to have one (1) parent volunteer per lunch time.  Without your support, we can't make this happen.


Same as last year, the nature area will need to remain closed on days when it rains or just has rained hard.