Walkathon Updates!
Thu, Apr 22 9:22am
Hillcrest Walkathon 2021
Wow! We are so encouraged to see so much participation throughout the grade levels and to hear from students who are meeting the challenge head on! Way to go, Hillcrest! Here are some helpful and important updates we wanted to share:
Pedometer Accuracy Issues
We understand that some kids have been having trouble with their pedometers... some are glitchy, and some are very inaccurate in logging steps. We do not want this to take away from your student's enjoyment or involvement in the Walkathon. Every participant, regardless of step totals, who submits the Google form (coming to you at the END of the event, after 5/3) will receive a prize for participation. Due to the accuracy issues, instead of awarding top steppers, we will now hold a raffle for an additional, special prize to be given to one participant from each grade level. This will take place after all the Google forms are submitted, in the weeks immediately following the end of the event.
The Purpose Is In The Practice
A huge thank you to Coach Payumo for supporting the event by giving the kids strategies on increasing daily movement at home! We are so grateful for his help and collaboration. If the pedometer isn't adding to your students enjoyment or investment in the Walkathon, we encourage you to get creative! The point is to spend two weeks doing a bit more daily physical activity than is typical for your student - this will look different for every kid and that is ok! Maybe you start a daily dance party to get those post-Zoom wiggles out? Maybe you make an obstacle course, or an activity Bingo game? Maybe you make a plan to go for a hike, or a long walk with a friend? There are so many possibilities!
It's Not Too Late!
If your student would like to join the Walkathon, or if you have a pedometer that is lost, broken, or glitchy and your student would like a replacement, please contact me ASAP. Attached below are the Walkathon Info PDF and the Printable Step Log. Remember, if it is better for your student to focus on increasing activity without logging it, then go with that! We want this to be rewarding for all participants, as they rise to meet a daily challenge and feel strong and proud as a result.
Thank you to everyone who has chosen to fundraise through Walkstarter as well... we are deeply grateful for your contributions, as always, but especially during this time. All funds raised support valuable staff, curriculum, and programs that are vital to our school.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Happy moving, Hillcrest!
Carrie Markowski
Walkathon Chair