BSC Book Club - Free Laser Tag/Play Maze
Tue, Mar 19 4:37pm
Hillcrest School

Hi we received this from Branchburg Sports about a new book club where you can earn free laser tag passes:


We are excited to announce that Branchburg Sports Complex will be introducing our new “BSC BOOK CLUB”!  The BSC Book Club will offer children the opportunity to earn rewards here at BSC for reading books.  We will be launching this new book club on  March 2nd in honor of Read Across America Day!  Complete the attached form.  Once the children have read 5 books, they can bring the completed form to Branchburg Sports Complex (BSC) and receive 2 Free Laser Tag/PlayMaze Passes.    


You are welcome to visit our website to learn more about Branchburg Sports Complex(BSC) –