Fall Book Fair Schedule Change
Thu, Nov 10 5:21pm
Hillcrest School

Dear All,


Thank you to those who already signed up to volunteer for the Fall Book Fair! Unfortunately, an update to the schedule had to be made resulting in the omission of the Monday classes. The revised class schedule is attached.


For those who already volunteered for Monday, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this caused. However, after speaking with each individually, you graciously accepted to pick another day to help and I truly thank you for your flexibility.


In order to have a clear view of the schedule with both the classes due to visit and the volunteer slots, I created a google sheet which I am hoping would allow anyone to have access to review and update with any corrections/changes that you would like to make. I have updated the Scholastic Sign Up Sheet accordingly as well. Please review the sheet to ensure that I have assigned you to the correct slots:



I realize that this might be confusing, with the sign up on Konstella and that on Scholastic, but I ask if you could please now sign up only on the google sheet. I will then update Konstella and Scholastic myself so that you may receive the automatic reminders. 


As you can see, there are still some volunteer slots needed to be filled. Most importantly, a cashier is needed for Wednesday and possibly Friday. If you are not available, perhaps a family or friend might be interested in taking up this important role?  I appreciate your feedback as soon as possible.


Finally, I would like to host a Teacher Preview on Monday after school, from 2 - 4 pm so the teachers may create their Wish Lists for their classrooms' library. If anyone is interested in hosting it with me that afternoon, please let me know. 


Thank you for your understanding and support!


Best Regards,

Ghada Asfour