PLEASE READ: Important information on Charter School Development in Franklin
Fri, Feb 3 9:00am
Hillcrest School

Dear Hillcrest Families,


Please see the note below from John Felix, president of the Franklin Twp. PTO President's council regarding and information session on the impact of our town's charter schools being held Thursday Feb. 9th at 7 pm in the Franklin High School cafeteria.  Please consider coming out to learn more about charter schools and how it effects the budget.   If you are unable to attend but would like to support this cause, please consider signing the petition to stop the addition of a new charter school in Franklin.  You can click on the link to reach the petition: 


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The total general operating fund of our school district’s nine tradition public schools is $148.4M. Our school district is mandated to set aside 6.1% ($9.04M) of the budget to accommodate charter schools; however, this expenditure does NOT include transportation which costs the district an additional $812,654. Therefore for the current school year, charter schools costs the district $9.86M.


It’s important to note that the student body at our schools exceeds that of the charter schools by many fold. Also noteworthy is the demographics of students that are educated by our schools differ significantly to those enrolled at the charter schools. For example, during the past three years, the Central Jersey College Prep (CJCP) charter school did not enroll any English Language Learners, and its percentage of student with disability was 50% less than our schools.  The simplistic math formula (cost/student body) which is often used to calculate cost per student is purely irrelevant and devoid of realism.


There are current proposals to (1) expand CJCP, (2) expand Thomas Edison Energy Charter School and (3) create a new charter school, Ailanthus. With the approval of all these charter schools, the projected cost to Franklin taxpayers is an additional $12M. The township will also have the dubious distinction of having the highest number of charter schools operating within a non-urban district in the state of New Jersey!

With that said, I’m kindly asking you to review the attached educational materials and sign/share the petition by clicking on the [Franklin C.A.R.E.S] document.

I also invite you to attend a Panel discussion next Thursday, February 9th at 7:00 PM in FHS cafeteria (see attached flyer).