Code of Conduct
Wed, Aug 10 9:17am

HBR PTO School Volunteer

Code of Conduct and Responsibilities


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The PTO and HBR Elementary encourages and supports the involvement of parents in their child’s education and activities. Although we need and appreciate active parents, our primary responsibility is to the productive learning, safety and confidentiality of our students. The intent of this contract is to ensure the understanding of the expectations volunteering brings here at HBR Elementary. Thank you for taking the time to volunteer and enrich the lives of our students.

Ethics for Volunteers

  • Confidentiality --- While interacting with our students, you may learn personal/private information about a student. It is expected that you WILL NOT discuss that information with other students or parents. If you do hear something of concern, please discuss it ONLY with the teacher and/or Ms. Melnyk.


  • Attitude --- Come to school with a positive attitude. We encourage kind, positive and enthusiastic comments and actions. Please remember that anything adults say or do is observed by our students.


  • Dependability --- The staff and/or chairpeople have planned activities for you and the students. If something comes up, and you are unable to be there, please be considerate of those depending on you and notify the office or the PTO chairperson directly.


  • Respect --- You are performing an invaluable service when you volunteer. Please respect other volunteers, teachers, staff and administration of HBR, along with school policies and opinions/ideas of fellow members. Please direct rumors, false statements or misinformation to the HBR PTO Executive Board and Principal so they can address and answer any questions or concerns.

Responsibilities of Volunteers

  • There are times of volunteering that children/siblings should be left in the care of others. These include: when you will be working directly with students, when you are performing a duty in an area where a sibling could disturb instructional time and when children could distract you or another volunteer from focusing on the task at hand.


  • Volunteers are required to sign in and out at the main office and wear a visitor lanyard at all times while on campus.


  • Cell phones are to be kept on “silent” if brought into the school. You should not be accepting phone calls or texting during volunteer time while working directly with students.


  • Volunteers should perform no duties other than those expressly assigned to him/her. Roaming halls, visiting your child’s classroom and/or attempting to conference with teachers and/or parents are not permitted. Volunteers are expected to report directly to the location where they are volunteering and refrain from participating in other business or activities in the building unless specifically asked to do so.


  • Volunteers need to ensure proper behavior of the students. If your presence negatively changes the behavior of your child or any other child we may need to adjust the time and/or place that you do your volunteer work. Let them know that they MUST still follow the rules of the school and their teachers.


By following simple procedures, you will contribute to a successful program