PTO Meeting
Hinckley-Big Rock Elementary Learning Center

PTO Agenda 3/19/19


Call to order




Treasurer’s report


Elementary School news


Middle School news


Old Business:



Fundraiser Dance at the Middle School rescheduled 2/9

Math Night 2/7

Mother/Son Roller-skating 2/10

Talent Show 2/21

Daddy Daughter Dance 3/2

ES Playground

Nominating Committee – VP and Secretary openings Someone to shadow for Treasurer (next year full list of openings attached)

Bookfair 3/11-3/15

Morning with Mom 3/12-3/14

Grandparents Night 3/12

Parent Teacher Conference 3/22

Raging Waves

Exit Room Fundraiser

Teacher Appreciation Week


New Business:

Pie Night at the Dairy Joy

Kindergarten sign up?

Retirement Parties?

Graduation Dance

Battle of the Books

Field Day and Hot Dog Day




Next Meeting April 9,2019 7:00pm Elementary School Learning Center


Committee Chair Leaders Needed:


Vice President- Helps make sure that the committees are on task and don’t need any help. Needs to be at most PTO meeting the 2nd Tuesday of the month 7pm to keep up on what is going on.

Secretary- Is at PTO meetings 2nd Tuesday of the month 7pm to take notes as to what is planned and discussed at the meetings. Prints the meeting minutes to be presented and voted on at the next meeting

Shadow for Treasurer for next year- Next year we will need a new treasurer and we are looking for someone to shadow this year’s treasurer to see what is needed. The treasurer runs our checking and savings account making deposits and transfers as needed usually 1 time a month. Balances the accounts and makes the report to share at the PTO meeting 1 time a month. Meets up to have checks signed if needed during the month at your convenience and files Taxes 1 time a year (very simple process).

Fundraiser Pie Night- Contact Dairy Joy in March to set up date, organize teacher volunteers, organize volunteers to run it that night. Make sure you have all supplies needed. Usually held end of April

Concessions- Organize volunteers to run concessions, purchase supplies for concessions, run the concession seasons for Volleyball (Sept/Oct), Boys B-Ball (Oct/Nov/Dec), Girls B-ball (Jan/Feb)

Teacher Appreciation Week Elementary School- Organize a planning committee to plan and throw TAW the 1st week in May. Planning usually starts in Feb or March

Math Night- Help plan and run Math night in February with our teacher liaison

Band Reception- Organize volunteers to bring cookies for the 2 band receptions of the year. One in Nov and one in May. You will need to set up and clean up the cookies and lemonade for after the concerts.