Teacher Appreciation Week
Hinckley-Big Rock Middle
1 day before


Next week is teacher appreciation week. The flier of things going on is attached.

Each day your student is asked to bring in the designated treat for their homeroom (1st hour) teacher and give it to them first hour. Also the staff’s doors are decorated we encourage the students to write thank you notes on the white paper for their teachers.

Below is the list of teachers and items needed for what days.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me



Jen Gavin




Monday: Write Thank you notes


Tuesday: Bring your teacher supplies that they need(if nothing listed they are set)

Mr. Jourdan - Ticonderoga Pencils

Mrs. Jolley (Kubala)-

Mrs. Stanislao - Colored Sharpies and Flare Pens

Mrs. Lee - Staples and Staplers

Mrs. Edwards - Ticonderoga Pencils

Mr. Sidman - Pencils and Glue Sticks

Mrs. Biletzky - Paper Clips and any school supplies

Mrs. Lewis - Dry Erase Fine Point Markers (Pen Style)

Mr. Bastian -


Wednesday: Wear Your Teachers favorite Color

Mr. Jourdan-  Blue

Mrs. Jolley(Kubala)- Pink or Teal

Mrs. Stanislao- Purple

Mrs. Lee- Green or Yellow

Mrs. Edwards- Pink or Red

Mr. Sidman-Blue

Mrs. Biletzky- Green or Blue

Mrs. Lewis- Teal

Mr. Bastian- Black


Thursday: Bring Teachers favorite treat

Mr. Jourdan- Mike &Ike or Beef Jerky

Mrs. Jolley(Kubala)- Popcorn or Reeses

Mrs. Stanislao- Starbucks

Mrs. Lee- Fruits

Mrs. Edwards- Anything Chocolate

Mr. Sidman- Gardettos

Mrs. Biletzky- Fruits and Nuts

Mrs. Lewis- Chocolate & Peanut Butter Puppy Chow

Mr. Bastian- Crackers


Friday: Smile and say Thanks