“Work To Rule" day
Tue, Mar 13
Holmes Elementary
1 day before

 We want to remind you of the “Work To Rule" day, next Tuesday, March 13. This is part of "Wave 2" in our efforts to win a fair contract with the district.

Here is some more information:
 *   We are going to stand together with teachers across the district by strictly observing our 6-hour and 35-minute on-site day.
 *   On Tuesday, March 13, please do not do any before/after-school extras.
 *   This is not to sell our students short, and it is not to make any of our school’s programs or routines fail for the day, but it is to show the district our value by demonstrating what schools look like without the countless extra hours we provide to our students.
 *   Our on-site day is 8:10-3: 15 PM.