A HUGE Harvest Festival Thank You!
Mon, Nov 7 9:29am

Thank you for attending the Harvest Festival, it was so great to see our Holmes community come together!

I want to give a huge thank you to the following people - we couldn't have pulled it off without their generosity and willingness to help. You are SO appreciated!

Jeff Bennett & The Counterfeits (DJ and Band) - Jeff is a Holmes parent who donated his time, equipment, and talent. We had so many compliments about Jeff and his music/band - he created such a great atmosphere and took it to the next level!

Collin Smith & Cravory Cookies - Collin is a Holmes parent and has been so generous with his delicious cookies. He has established a great partnership with the PTA/Holmes Elementary, and already donated a lot of cookies! If you didn't get a chance to try all of those great flavors, visit his store in Point Loma and check them out!

Brock Ungricht & the USD baseball players - Brock is a Holmes parent, and his baseball players were so great with the kids. We couldn't have run so many games without their help. THANK YOU!

Nancy Jungling - Nancy is a Holmes parent who tirelessly decorated our school and gave it such a great festival vibe. 

Grace Fantaroni - Grace is a Holmes parent who brought her adorable goats, which was such a treat for the kids! 

RC Shultz - RC is a Holmes parent who sold his tasty beef jerky and donated a portion back to the PTA. Thank you for your support!

Shana Lemon - Shana is a Holmes parent who graciously donated a massage for the winner of the pie-eating contest. If you want your own massage without having to get messy, check out Bird Rock Massage Studio!

JJ Janczylik - JJ is a Holmes parent who donated over 200 lbs. of ice for our food concessions. Thank you!

Tina Hingle - Tina is a Holmes parent who donated a very large box of Kinder Eggs to use as prizes. Thank you!

Christy Ross & the Photo Opportunity - Christy is a Holmes parent who lent us her artistic talent and painted the photo stand by the entrance. I have already seen so many great photos with her masterpiece!

A huge thank you to our custodians, Chris and Aaron, who helped make the event go so smoothly.

A huge thank you to all of the parents who helped us set-up, run games, sell tickets, sell food, and break down the event.

A huge thank you to all of the parents who lent us their pop-ups, tables, decor, and secured hay bales and pumpkins.

A huge thank you to Principal Saipe, for being so accommodating and patiently listening to some of our crazy ideas. Thank you for the use of the school and facilities, and thank you for participating in the pie-eating contest, the kids loved it!

And last, but definitely not least, this wouldn't have been possible without the PTA's Fall Festival Chair, Jen Dixon. I personally saw how many hours she put into this event, making it her labor of love because she wanted our kids and families to be back together and have a great time. She more than accomplished this, her dedication and effort to this event was amazing. THANK YOU JEN!

So as you can see, it literally takes a village to make events like these happen. I'm so glad I saw so many smiling faces on Saturday, and I'll see you at the next event!

-Your PTA President, Cate Diaz