A Message from the Holmes Safety Committee
Thu, May 2 12:23pm
Holmes Elementary

Dear Holmes Families,

As the school year winds down, we want to encourage you to please continue to put safety first,  particularly during drop off and pick up.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to help keep everyone safe.

#1) Double parking is a safety hazard and it's illegal.  While it may seem convenient, especially when you're running late, it creates a log-jam behind you and puts your child at risk when cyclists share the lane, other cars swerve around, and cars pull out from the curb.

#2) In the Mt. Ararat drop off area, please pull as far forward as you can. This creates more space for other cars to pull in sooner, freeing up the crosswalk area at Mt. Brundage.  Also, consider pulling in closer to the office.  There is usually plenty of empty curb space there.

#3) U-turns are illegal on Mt. Ararat and will soon be on Mt. Brundage.  This includes pulling into driveways to turn around.

#4) For pedestrians using the crosswalks, please consider crossing in groups.  This allows for better traffic flow and better visual awareness for drivers.

In a few weeks the City of San Diego will be installing new signage along Mt. Brundage that includes no u-turn and 3 minute parking as well as painting a portion of the curb white near the Mt. Brundage gate, for passenger unloading/loading. They will also re-paint the white curb on Mt. Ararat.  We hope that these visual reminders will reinforce safety.

Many thanks,

The Holmes Elementary Safety Committee