Happenings at Holmes 4/30
Fri, Apr 30 6:39am

Happenings at Holmes 4/30

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May 3rd- May 7th: Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week!!!


Wear yellow to show your teacher they’re a star. 

Lights, Camera, Appreciation! Write a note of thanks or why your teacher is a star.  
Our teachers are star readers. Suggest a book(s) for a summer reading list.  Don’t forget our book fair is happening now. You can get some great ideas from there.  
Bring your teacher their favorite snack.  
Design your teacher a star for the walk of fame. 


Friday, Apr 23 - Thursday, May 27:  It’s time for our online spring book fair!

Time to get your kids set up for summer reading and help them establish healthy and regular reading habits! Scholastic always has your favorite books as well as a wide selection to choose from. Order at least $25 in book purchases and your shipping is FREE! Buy books to give as gifts or consider donating a book to your student’s classroom. We all know our Holmes students and staff are star readers. So, let’s get our reading on!!! Start Shopping Now!


Principal's Message: 

Please continue to check the Phase 2 Parent/Student Handbook for new updates and information.


Your child should bring a towel to sit on and a water bottle to school each day.  We have water filling stations around our campus that students can use to refill their water bottles. 


For the upcoming year, San Diego Unified is maintaining the decision to pause testing until schools have fully reopened and all students have returned to onsite learning.  The decision is centered around equity - providing our students with what they need to be successful with equal access.  Our District is deeply committed to screening students universally, providing an opportunity for all students to be assessed without barriers, and providing students with the supports that they need (some of which students can only get in a school setting).  In addition, there is not a valid way to test students who have continued learning online, and only testing onsite learners - while limiting access to testing/identification for our online learners - would not be equitable.   

Here's what this means for our students:

2nd Grade

  • There will not be an opportunity to take a GATE test
  • No students will be identified for GATE classes
  • Class Placement - We will implement the process we always use to place students in classes, using their strengths, needs, peer dynamics, match to teacher, and other factors. We will create balanced classes in terms of abilities, gender, etc.

5th Grade

  • There will not be an opportunity to take a GATE retest 
  • Additional students will not be identified for GATE/Seminar programs

New to the District

  • There will not be an opportunity to take a GATE test
  • No students will be identified for GATE classes 


State testing (CAASPP) is currently on hold for our students in 3rd through 5th grade.  It has not yet been officially canceled, but the District submitted a waiver and is awaiting a decision.  If the waiver is approved, students will take alternate assessments to measure their progress in ELA and Math.