Happy 1st Day of School!
Mon, Aug 31 7:45am

First Day of School – Augusta Township

Happy First Day of School, Holmes Families! 


Start your morning with this Welcome Video from your Holmes PTA!


1. We're all in this together! -- You may be at home, but you are NOT alone. Your fellow parents and your teachers are just a text, an email or a phone call away. Don't be afraid to lean on each other during this challenging time.

2. Stay Positive!! -- Things WILL go wrong--technology fails, you have the wrong Zoom link, you did the wrong assignment...the important thing to remember is that it's not the end of the world, so try to have a sense of humor and roll with it. Our kids feel and take on our stress, so if you stay positive, chances are, they'll stay positive!

3. Distance learning won't be forever. -- Take each day as it comes, but try to remember that this is not forever. One day we'll all be back at school and distance learning will be a 'distant' memory. 


Join / Log Into Konstella Today!
Konstella is the official PTA communication tool for Holmes. Now, more than ever, in this distance learning environment, communication with our Holmes families is of the utmost importance.  We want to make sure you are in the know with everything going on at school, so please make sure that you are set up with a Konstella account as soon as possible. All announcements, activities PTA information and other updates will be shared via Konstella, so please join today with any one of the following options:

  1. Direct link: https://www.konstella.com/cd/XL8PUO
  2. Go to konstella.com and use code: XL8PUO
  3. Email vp.communications@holmespta.org asking to be added to Holmes Konstella Site.

Make Sure Your Kids Are Added to their Konstella Classrooms:
Now that you know what teachers your kids have, now is the time to put them into their classroom on Konstella, if you haven't already done so. This will allow you to start communicating with your fellow classmates and families and with your teacher, of course! Here's how:

On Desktop: 

  • Click on your name 
  • Click on your children 
  • Click the toggle to find your teacher  

On Mobile App: 

  • Click Setting "wheel" top left corner 
  • Click on your children 
  • Click the toggle to find your teacher 

Join the PTA Facebook Page:
The Holmes PTA Facebook page is yet another way to stay in touch with PTA announcements and updates. It's also going to be a pretty useful forum to ask questions and share ideas and resources with fellow Holmes parents. Click HERE to join today. You will be asked to provide your student's grade and teacher in order to be admitted to the group. Only parents of current Holmes students may join.

**SOCIAL MEDIA PRIVACY NOTE: While everyone is going to be very excited during this first week of school, for the safety of our students, please DO NOT post any pictures of Zoom classes to your social media pages that include other students aside from your child. Thanks for understanding!

Have a great first day and first week of school, Holmies!!  Just remember--We Got This!! 


Your Holmes PTA