Hawk News April 22nd- 28th
Sun, Apr 22 4:48pm
Holmes Elementary

April 22nd, 2018


The Staff Parking Lot Will be closed this Monday, April 23 for painting.  Parents will not have access to the handicap parking on this day. Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your support. 


 As a friendly reminder, with the exception of our handicap parking spot/s, our staff parking lot is for STAFF ONLY!  Please be courteous and respectful of our teacher's parking lots, as this lot is still not large enough for ALL of our staff to have parking.  




Tuesday & Wednesday, April 24th & 25th:

2018 Holmes Variety Show

There will be three performances of the Variety Show. 

Tuesday, April 24th 9:00-10: 30 am (Dress Rehearsal grades K-2)

Tuesday, April 24th 6:00-7: 30 am 

Wednesday, April 25th 9:00-10: 30 am (Encore Performance grades 3-5)


Wednesday, Apr 25th: Lunch Periods 

Our Bi-Annual Western Barbeque is here. Twice a year the San Diego School District comes to our campus with a grill and cooks hamburgers, beef hot dog, veggie burgers, and barbeque baked beans.  We will also be offering fresh fruit and milk.

Lunch that day will cost: 

  • Students-$2.00 (with pin number)
  • Adults-$3.50
  • Visiting children- $2.00


This is also a great opportunity to come volunteer and help serve our student's lunch. Sign Up Here to help volunteer to serve lunches


This is a short day and the lunchtimes are as follows:

TK/Kinder-1st: 11:10-11:30am
2nd and 3rd:  11:35-11: 55 am
4th and 5th:   12:00-12:20pm

Monday, May 14 4:00pm - Thursday, May 17 8:00pm

THE SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR is almost here and we need YOUR HELP to make it an AWESOME celebration of reading with hundreds of fun, engaging, and affordable books for kids to discover!

We have many volunteer opportunities that may fit your schedule. If we do not get enough volunteers to run the Book Fair our children will not be able to purchase books. Super simple training will be available, as needed.

Sign up Here to see where you can help out!