How do you get your kid in the Holmes Yearbook?
Sat, Feb 3 6:53pm
Holmes Elementary

Hi Holmes Hawks Parents!

The yearbook is now in the works and we need your photos to make it great! We are four months into the school year and our kids have made many memories so far - Back to School, Walk/Ride to School, Campus Beautification, Halloween Parade and Carnival, Holiday program, Field Trips, Movie Nights, etc. I know you all took photos of your littles! Please share photos of them on your classroom pages here on Konstella. To make things easier for our yearbook committee, this will be the primary place for yearbook photos to be uploaded. If you have photos the yearbook can't be without, please share them by the end of MARCH!


So here is my Security Speach...

When uploading photos one of the BIGGEST rules is:

If you get an alert/message that has a child name whose parent wishes for their child's photo not be posted- DON'T POST IT! 

If you are unsure who this child is or whether they might be in your photo (even in the background)- DON'T POST IT! 

If you choose to break the security protocol you will be notified.


I have attached instructions on making a photo album or adding to an existing album. They are also located in the How To's/FAQ folder under Files. Thank you so much, the yearbook will look great because of you!