I Love Our School...a message from your PTA President.
Mon, Jun 8 10:29am

Dear Holmes Families,


I hope this email finds you well on the 2nd to last day of school. As I look back on these past two years in which I have served as your PTA President, I will tell you that I initially joined the PTA Board many years ago with good intentions: to set a good example for my kids, to have a greater understanding and knowledge of all the things happening at Holmes, and to have influence over helping to make the experience at Holmes great for all of our kids! 

While being on the board has been all of that and more, these past few months have made me realize that there is one benefit I never expected--the friendships and the bonds that I've formed through PTA with amazing, like-minded parents. Those friendships have become much like a support group these past few months--admitting that we are not perfect, crying in moments of frustration and a lot laughing in the face of adversity and the many challenges we continue to face. 


At the heart of it all is the bond that brought us together in the first place--we each want the best possible things for our kids. All of us do! That's what I keep reminding myself in this strange, new reality we're living in. We all just want our kids to be happy, safe, protected, to grow and thrive, and above all--to feel loved. 


These past few months I have seen parents, teachers and staff step up and go out of their way to tend to the physical AND emotional needs of our kids. I've witnessed outpourings of love and kindness and overwhelming support and this is what  I will take away from this year. This, to me, sums up the Holmes community and is what makes our school so special. 


Thank You:

--to you parents: for always stepping up and stepping in to help guide your kids

--to Principal Saipe: for your leadership, your encouragement and for your dedication to our kids and to our school

--to you teachers and staff: we forget that this time has been hard on you, too, but thank you for your patience, your hard work and your love for our students

--lastly, thank you to the PTA Board--for your commitment, dedication and all the time and effort you've spent into help making Holmes the wonderful community it is...and thank you for all the fun memories we've made together...it's been awesome serving as your president!! I will miss the power...lololol. Jk jk. :)


Praying you all have a safe summer where every single one of you can recharge--mind, body and soul. Hopefully, we will all be together again in the fall...back at the school we love. 


PTA President--Out!

--deena carney