Junior OTL Tournament
Thu, May 25 8:29am

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

As some of you might have heard from your kids, "Over the Line" (OTL) was recently introduced in PE class to all kids in 1st-5th grade. OTL has many benefits for your child's development, including hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, communication, and collaboration among team members. It also promotes physical fitness, agility, and outdoor engagement.

We are thrilled to invite you and your family to the highly anticipated 53rd Annual Junior Over the Line (OTL) Tournament at Fiesta Island on June 4th & August 20th. This exciting beach sport, originated in San Diego 70 years ago and combines elements of baseball and softball, providing a thrilling day of friendly competition, teamwork, and outdoor enjoyment.

Join us at Fiesta Island dressed in comfortable beachwear for a memorable day filled with family fun. Spectators can cheer on the teams and bask in the sun-drenched atmosphere. Each player will receive lunch with their entry fee. Awards will be presented to recognize outstanding performances and sportsmanship to the top two teams in each division. Bring your family, invite friends, and let's make this a day of laughter, community spirit, and lasting memories. Save the date and get ready to embrace the sand, sun, and the OTL Tournament! 

For more detailed information and how to sign up, visit ombac.org & search: Junior Over The Line.

Warm regards,

RC Schultz

2023-24 PTA Board Member