Keep our Holmies Safe! Follow Traffic Guidelines at Pick Up and Drop Off!
Tue, Feb 8 9:18am



Dear Holmes Families,

As the chair of the Safety Committee at Holmes, I would like to share some helpful reminders. For those families that are new to Holmes, we take safety seriously. With a busy school and lots of families in and around campus we all can do our party by paying extra attention to ensure that our kids stay safe.

Mt. Ararat, between Mt. Brundage and the school office, is especially busy during drop off and pick up. So, as a friendly reminder, below are a few helpful tips that are especially important:

When dropping off your child by car:

  •   Use your turn signal when entering and exiting the drop off/pick up area. This helps with the flow of traffic.

  •   When entering the drop off line, pull as far forward as possible to allow other cars in behind you.

  •   Look for a spot toward the front of the line – usually, there are a few spaces just before the nurse/office area.

  •   Move out of line as soon as your child has exited the vehicle.

  •   Do not linger (e.g. checking phone, watching your child line up, chatting with other parents, etc.). There are many cars waiting for a spot.

  •   Say your goodbyes before entering the drop off area.

  •   Do not allow your child out of the vehicle if you are double parked. This is not only illegal, but it is also dangerous.

  •   Consider installing your child’s booster, or have your child sit, on the right side of the car for easier exiting.

  •   Do not park and leave your car in the Mt. Ararat drop off line. You can be ticketed as there are signs posted “No Parking School Days”.

    And, always remember to:

  •   Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. I know this can be frustrating, especially when another car scoots out when it’s your turn, but a little extra time can keep everyone safe.

  •   Make eye contact with any pedestrians in the crosswalk so that they know, that YOU know, that they are there.

  •   Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians.

  •   Think twice about passing any vehicle in front of you that is double parked, letting children out.

  •   3-point turns (or U-turns) may be convenient, but the streets around the school aren’t wide enough to allow

    for safe traffic flow in both directions. And, they are illegal on Mt. Ararat and Mt. Brundage.

  •   U-turns using driveways are dangerous for pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

  •   Please don’t park front of resident’s driveways.

  •   Avoid driving or walking in the school parking lot.

    To our returning families, please note that there are “No U-turn” and “3 Minute Passenger Loading” signs on Mt. Brundage Avenue that were installed over the summer. Be sure to obey these signs to avoid getting a ticket!

    I welcome your suggestions and feedback as we are always looking at ways to keep our kids and families safe in and around campus. Feel free to reach out to me via email at

    Sincerely, Crystal Trull