Mileage Club Starts Tomorrow!!!
Mon, Sep 25 7:32pm
Holmes Elementary
We're off and running!  The first official day of mileage club is tomorrow.  Students, teachers, and staff will be run/walk from 8:05-8:20.  Please arrive early to pick up your running card.
Running cards are separated by grades.  Please find your card and line up at the backstop.   
We have ten different colors. There will be lap counters for each of the colored cards.  Parent volunteers will have a clipboard to count laps for each color.  
It is important that each runner not only show their card to their counter but also shout out their number as they run by.  This is very helpful to ensure that all laps are counted. 
We have set up a Mileage Club Group on Konstella. If your child will be participating this year, please sign up to this group as this will be the way we will send email/notifications about possible rainy day cancellations or special token days. 
As a friendly reminder to pack lots of water and sunscreen for the kiddos.
Mt. Brundage Gate will be open for runners. 
See you tomorrow.