No More Mr. Lice Guy!!!
Fri, Sep 15 7:05pm
Holmes Elementary

Beginning of the school year means beginning the conversation.  The best method for prevention is talking about it! If you are not regularly checking your child's hair...start! To take the taboo off this whole lice thing, I am giving you a fun lice poem, a few jokes, and a picture of me and my Holmes daughter double and triple checking for eggs and alive lice, just to help get you through. 

We are all free and clear. ARE YOU???

Spring is in the air

There may be lice in your hair


Ponytails for all

Hopefully, the nurse does not call


Combs and shampoo

There is so much you can do


Lice do like girls or boys

But not their wooden toys


We are in this together

Darn this crazy weather



Head Lice Facts:

  • can affect anyone
  • small, tan colored insects 1/8" long
  • lice and eggs are found on the hair, usually close to the scalp and are easily spotted around the part and hairline
  • Treatment for lice can be bought over the counter at any drug store
  • After treatment, continual checking of hair for lice and/or eggs is recommended.

Helpful Tips To Remember:

  • Head Lice (pediculosis): Check children's hair daily for eggs and lice.
  • Pull children's hair back.
  • No sharing hats, jackets, headbands etc.
  • Tea Tree oil products are a good preventative method.
  • Headlamps and flashlights are awesome to see them.
  • Where do head lice plant their crops?    

In corn rows!

  • What is a head lice's favorite Broadway musical?   


  • What do you call head lice to the third power?   
Lice cubed!
  • What is the favorite lice nursery rhyme?   

Three Blind Lice!