Red 🎗Ribbon Week
Mon, Oct 26 - Fri, Oct 30
Holmes Elementary


Holmes Hawks—let’s DRESS UP for Red Ribbon Week, the nationwide campaign to teach kids to SAY NO TO DRUGS!


MONDAY: WEAR ALL RED to kick-off Red Ribbon Week! Holmes Hawks make good choices!


TUESDAY: Prepare a healthy meal with an adult. Take pictures of what’s on your plate and post to the Holmes PTA Facebook Page! Let’s see all 5 food groups! Hawks make sensible eating choices!


WEDNESDAY:  Stay SMART and study hard!! Wear your best SMARTY PANTS clothes! 


THURSDAY:  Get up and MOVE!!Take a picture or video of your talents and skills that keep you healthy!


FRIDAY:  It’s Halloween time!! You know what to do! Wear your school appropriate Halloween costume to “school”—show it off to your classmates via Zoom! Stay in your costume for the Costume Parade at Materials Pick-up later in the afternoon.