Safety at Holmes
Thu, Aug 30 9:58am
Holmes Elementary

Safety is a priority at Holmes Elementary. Teachers, staff, and parents regularly work together to address  safety issues and find solutions. Each week, we'll send out safety tips and ideas to support safety on campus and off.  

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As we begin the new school year, please think about your driving habits, particularly in and around the Holmes campus.  Below are a few tips for families who drive to school:


When parking near Holmes and walking your child to campus:

  • Please do not park in the school parking lot  -  It's for teachers and staff only;
  • Avoid stopping/parking in front of the residents' driveways;
  • Avoid parking in “no parking” areas, along red curbs, or in crosswalk corners; and
  • Use sidewalks, crosswalks, and designated walkways - crossing in the middle of the street and walking through the school parking lot can be dangerous.


When dropping off or picking up:

  • Many cars are waiting to pull up to the curb for drop off.  On the Mt. Ararat drop off area, pull up as far forward as possible so that other cars can enter (typically there is an empty section towards the front of the line closer to the school office);
  • Instruct your child to be ready before you pull into the drop off zone so that there is no delay;
  • Please do not let your child out/in the car unless you are parked at the curb;
  • Put your vehicle in “park” and use your emergency brake before letting your child out/in the car;
  • Please do not double park - this can lead to serious accidents and injuries and backs up the flow of traffic, especially on Mt. Brundage;
  • Please try not to linger (talking with other parents, checking your phone, etc.) after your child has exited to allow other cars to enter the drop off line; and
  • Consider dropping off your child early to avoid the backlog  -  Gates open at 8:10am with school staff supervision.

We all know that drop off can be stressful.  Hopefully, these tips will help us start off the new year safely.