School Supply Kits
Tue, Aug 29 9:15pm
Holmes Elementary

Today's update:
Fed-X should be delivering the kits this afternoon. I'll be at the school early and my goal is to get them to the classrooms today. Worse case, they will be there in the morning prior to school starting. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

Yesterday update:
The SchoolKidz supply kit that many of you purchased to be delivered to your child classroom did not get delivered by Staples. I've tried contacting them twice today but the representative hasn't gotten back to me. I'll personally keep calling every half hour tomorrow until I find out when they will be delivered.

Our goal was to help parents out by not having to fight the crowds to shop for the supplies. Unfortunately it didn't work out as planned. I bought one myself and I'm very disappointed in the vendor. This is the second year in a row they were late with the delivery. If we do this again, it will not be with SchoolKidz.

Those who went to the office to inquire about the missing supply kits please accept my apology for the office not knowing about the kits. There was a miscommunication and they didn't know what was happening.

Sincerely, Jessie Nettles - PTA President