Spelling Bee Winners
Mon, Mar 11 4:48pm
Holmes Elementary

Have you heard the BUUUZZZZZ??? Holmes students really know how to S-P-E-L-L!

Please congratulate the following students on placing top in their grades in the schoolwide Spelling Bee.

First Grade
Aaron Moss
Audrey Adkins
Second Grade
Sawyer Morey
Leander Hoy
Third Grade
Max Koutsenok
Samantha Le Fevre
Fourth Grade
Jayden Yao
Cai Low
Fifth Grade
Evan Turley
Andrew  de Vos
Thank you to Jennifer Trowbridge and Heather Matheny for sponsoring the Spelling Bee. Special Thanks to Mrs. Diana Celle for being our dedicated staff sponsor year after year, and to all of our fantastic judges and pronouncers!