Mon, May 4 8:40am

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week 5/4-5/8.

Lets support our school and all of its awesome staff with some virtual appreciation! Follow each day’s suggestions and share with your class/school on Konstella and on our PTA Facebook group page!

  • Monday- The Force is strong with Holmes! Wear your Star Wars apparel or Holmes gear to show your teacher and staff that you support them.
  • Tuesday- Yoda Best! Draw baby Yoda following the link below. Write some kind words, words of advice, or your favorite Yoda quote for our teachers and staff. https://youtu.be/a1NT7aWr_ow
  • Wednesday- Would your teacher choose the Dark Side or the Light Side? Share your favorite dessert (dark side) or healthy snack(light side) recipe with your teacher.
  • Thursday - Are you an R2D2 or a BB8? Did you know that Droids are super helpful? Color or draw your own droid. Then write a couple sentences telling how your droid would help around your school or help your teacher in the classroom.
  • Friday - Episode 5: Attack of the Classrooms! Special Activity. Your classroom lead will be in touch.