Week 1 - Happy Spring
Fri, Mar 20 11:13am

Dear Holmes Families,


I hope you are all hanging in there in these strange, strange times. Pretty sure you knew this, but all of our PTA upcoming events have been postponed or canceled.  (PTA Association mtg, Dining for Dollars and Island Getaway).  Principal Saipe will be updating us soon with more District news as it relates to Holmes. https://sites.google.com/sandi.net/covid19/home

Hopefully, some of you may have spent the week doing some extra fun family time. Some of you may have already dove right into some homeschooling or some of you have let your children have unlimited screen time. Well, BRAVO to all of you! You do what you need to do! If you haven't found your groove, you will!

Social/Physical Distancing 

Thank you for following Social/Physical distancing and not doing playdates.  Saying NO can be hard for some parents that are seeing tears and loneliness from our sweeties. Some of our littles may not be able to understand the "no playdate rule/6 feet physical distancing", but stay strong parents! You can do this! You know all those times, we've said, "if I can just put my child in a bubble!" Well, now is the time to bubble them up and only stay in contact with immediate family. OUR FIRST RESPONDERS AND HEALTH CARE WORKERS ARE DEPENDING ON US TO DO THE RIGHT THING!


We are working on providing an easy to read list of resources for our Holmes families. I don't know about you - but wowsers so many great suggestions out there - I'm losing track! If you have any that you would like to share, please send me a message. It's great to see all the chats going on in Konstella to help each other out. Keep it up!


Whatcha doing this weekend? Maybe a nice family walk,  reading to your littles, and a virtual field trip? Check out the links and Seize the Opportunity List attachment.  

Field Trip Link

Broadway Shows

*cleaning a closet or binge-watching tv also super fun ideas!


You are not alone - we will get through this together!