Holmes Garden Club

Do you have a green thumb or maybe just a few extra minutes while you are on campus picking up or dropping off?  


We need a small group of people who would be interested in joining the Holmes Garden Club.  The Garden Club will share in various small tasks to keep our gardens happy and looking beautiful. 

These tasks are not frequent nor time consuming when shared among members of a group.  We primarily need folks to water the native plant gardens, fertilize the apple tree once per month, prune, and other similar tasks.

Please sign up to be part of the Holmes Garden Club. This will allow PTA Campus Chair, Makela Mangrich at campus@holmespta.org to contact everyone for further  information.  We will hold a brief orientation for all Garden Club members after the holidays. 






Positions (1/2 filled)

Garden Club Member Signed Up: 3 / 20

Member of Garden Club to help with garden related tasks to keep our gardens clean, green and happy.
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Garden Club Lead Signed Up: 1 / 1

Coordinator of the Garden Club Members.