"Shelfie" and Summer Reading
Fri, May 17 10:53am
Hoover Elementary

Your child will be bring home a “Shelfie” soon. This is a representation of her favorite books from this year. Please support your child’s love of reading and all her reading choices. Academic choice empowers readers. Your child has been choosing her own books in the Hoover library all year and this “Shelfie” represents her academic choices. Be proud of her success. Be curious and ask about the books she read: what are the problems the main characters have encountered? All reading is good reading, especially when students choose their own books. You may be surprised to discover the complex themes and realistic stories many of our graphic novels explore. Take time to value your student’s choices. Look at the back of the “Shelfie” and see the books she has chosen to read this year. Encourage her to read this summer by using the calendar coming home for our Hoover Summer Reading challenge. Help prevent the summer slide! If you have any questions, contact me at khowell@pausd.org.


Thank you for supporting your children!

Kristin Howell

Teacher Librarian

Hoover Elementary School