A couple of important and URGENT ADVOCACY items.....please help.!
Thu, Nov 29 1:25pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Parents!

There are a few items that have come in from PTAC  (the Palo Alto Council of all PTAs) and are action items which are due either today or tomorrow.

Please consider taking action as this will impact our community.


Tonight is the one and only County meeting on the Stanford GUP (General Use Permit) in Palo Alto. This is it.  We need more voices and your voice in particular.

The Stanford GUP is adding 100s of students to our schools over the next 17 years. Stanford’s housing proposal is for 275 more students; the county two proposals are for around 800-1400 more students (the county wants more housing).   
We need each of you - and as many friends as you can round up - to message the board of supervisors before tonight’s meeting.  We need a MUCH bigger voice - to speak up NOW to protect the quality of our schools. Bottom line? No unfunded students and another elementary school.
Therefore, we need your help....There are two ways to message the county board of supervisors today:
(i) Email: cut and paste this message, email it to the supervisors:
As the Stanford GUP adds new housing and hundreds of new students to the Palo Alto school district, please do not dilute the quality of our schools. To protect our public school quality, please include in the Stanford GUP Development Agreement: 
1. ANNUAL PAYMENTS to PAUSD or PiE for the cost of educating each student living in Stanford tax exempt housing - NO UNFUNDED STUDENTS
2. Elementary school site near the proposed housing - traffic mitigation, safe routes, neighborhood schools
3. Impact fees for the cost to build the new school
4. Contributions to the PAUSD Safe Routes to schools
5. Fund the expansion of oversubscribed after school childcare on PAUSD campuses with Stanford staff student body
6. Subsidized housing for PAUSD staff and teachers
7. Community meetings on the Stanford GUP when PAUSD is in session (not 12/21 – 1/7). 
Thank you.
YOUR NAME, street address (so they know you’re a constituent)
Supervisor email addresses:

(ii)  iPhone users:  it is  just 2 taps on your phone, using Click My Cause app.
  • Update your Click My Cause app on your phone and tap on your “act now” button
  • OR download the FREE Click My Cause app in the App Store
    • You MUST allow notifications to receive your PTAC mobile alerts
    • Select “Palo Alto PTA Council” to issue your alerts.
    • Tap on the 'act now' button against the issue featured
I request YOU ALL kindly, to please do this today.

The superintendent now has a Twitter feed called "Let's Talk," a new mechanism for communicating. This will hopefully make him more accessible to more families.


The budget feedback/comment is due this Friday.  https://www.pausd.org/explore-pausd/superintendent. Please be sure to make your voice heard, if you have feedback.


With gratitude, 
Indira Selvakumaraswamy