A few Reminders and Updates....
Sun, Aug 25 6:30pm

Dear Hoover Parents!

Hope you have settled down slowly into the routine of the new school year. Here are just a few things to note, in case you may have missed them out during the flurry of the first two weeks of school.

1. PTA Donations - We have our donations online on Konstella. You can also drop your check  along with the one-check form at the office.

We welcome and appreciate Company Matching donations. If your company has this option, kindly consider donating to the Hoover PTA via this option. Do not forget to let us know the items towards which you have donated either via the one-check form or an email.

PTA is grateful for all of your contributions and we thank you for your continued support.

2. Konstella: Please make sure you are in your child's classroom on Konstella by filling out your child's details. It will take around 5 minutes max. to do so. Log into your account -->go to your name --->click on the Your Children tab. Fill in the details.

3. Volunteer Sign-ups: Please go to the Committees tab (in green) seen on the left, on your home page. We now have all our Event Committees listed. There are many Lead and Helper positions open.  Kindly go over it and sign up for the ones you like. Closer to the event date, event leads will send out specific time based event sign ups as well.

4. If you are not receiving the weekly Hoover eNews  (which has started from this week), after first checking your spam folders, you can subscribe via this link https://hoover.pausd.org/connecting/hoover-enews  OR by sending an email to the eNews editor at: hoover.enews@gmail.com (we kindly request you to refrain from using her personal email id).

5. Hoover Gear: Hoover apparel will soon be available via an online link, this September.

If you wish to share an idea, have a comment or a question, pls connect with us at: hhooverpta@gmail.com

Thank you.

Indira Selvakumaraswamy