Sun, Mar 29 7:34pm

Dear Hoover Parents!

Hope you are all well and managing the best you can, under these circumstances. These are rather unusual times we are in, and we hope that it tides away sooner than later.

We want to announce the ABC Program page on our PTA website

Kindly go over all the drop down menus. We have divided the sections as per the 2 curricula we follow at Hoover - the exclusive Kinder curriculum and the Regular curriculum for grades 1 to 5.

You can also get to know more about the ABC reading program from the home page.


For the books we have already read thus far from September to February across both curricula, you will be able to see the key message highlights from each book. We have also enclosed a video recording of the book being read, for those of you who want to know what those stories are or want a refresher for your children.

Specially for the months of March, April and May - we will be going in detail over each month’s specific books. We have posted the different parts of the reading session, that we normally do in the classrooms each month when readers go in to read:

  • the conversation starter (before the book is read),
  • the video recording of the book being read (the reading part),
  • the discussion questions (after the book is read) and
  • a simple activity that children can do to remember the main message from the book.

The plan as of now is that we will add every month, the books that are originally scheduled to be read in the classrooms.

I strongly encourage that all parents try to carve some time during this school closure, to read with their children and continue with the ABC reading as it has been outlined in the website.

This is a good way for not only understanding what the program is about, but it is a fun way to help maintain a sense of familiarity for the children, as well to create and build bonding with your child, during this uncertain and unusual times.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for any questions or clarifications.


Indira Selvakumaraswamy