Anti-Racism Resources for all grade levels
Thu, Jun 4 5:14pm

PTA Council Health & Wellness Announcement:

Anti-Racism Resources for all grade levels 

Please CLICK HERE for resources for articles, websites, book lists and books that may be helpful in your discussions with your children in response to the killing of George Floyd and subsequent riots in our country.
This list was compiled by our amazing Librarians at Hoover Elementary School (including Ms. Kristen Howell)

Anti-Racism Resources for Middle Schoolers
Please CLICK HERE for resources for middle schoolers
How to Engage My Child Through Healthy Communication About Race (Racial Ethnic Socialization)
Racial Ethnic Socialization (RES) is a process through which children learn about race and ethnicity. They learn how to communicate with others about race and ethnicity as well as skills to help them successfully deal with all of the topics that may arise around race and ethnicity.
Anti-Racism Resource for anyone wanting to understand Racism at a deeper level
Please CLICK HERE for the resources for middle schoolers