COVID-19 updates - MUST READ!
Fri, Feb 28 11:22am

Dear Hoover Parents!
I hope that all of you are well, what with the COVID-19 lurking around. Please take care of yourself as much as you take care of the young ones! And follow all the precautionary methods for all your family members, as well. 
Yes, there needs to be an abundant caution but please, please do not work yourself into a panic mode . And we hope perhaps, that we may never reach there...

I would like to share some information that will help you  and your family to combat COVID-19. Kindly spend a few minutes to go over all the info. posted below:

1. First, do take a moment to read this update on the Coronavirus from PAUSD Superintendent Dr. Don Austin. February 27, 2020.’s-message-regarding-coronavirus


2.  Some more additional information, shared by the Palo Alto PTA Council (PTAC)- Health and Wellness.

Couple of Basic Points:

(a) COVID-19 has a 10% hospitalization rate 
(b) COVID-19 has a 2% mortality rate
(i) There is NO approved vaccines or medications for COVID-19, but several biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies are actively working on various treatments and vaccines and antibodies and are in various stages of clinical trials throughout the world. Do not expect these to be available to the public any time soon.
(ii) Cases of COVID-19 are spreading throughout the world and we should expect to see a rise in infection rates (what CDC has been warning on the news). Do NOT panic. 

WHY Should we not panic?
(i) This is the THIRD case of Coronavirus to affect us. SARS, MERS, now COVID-19. Once this episode of infection clears away, I can assure you that it will NOT be our last Coronavirus infection.
(ii) The world is learning to collaborate faster and better and be more transparent. Coronavirus outbreaks (or pandemics) will be more effectively solved and contained better as a public health concern if countries work together. Sharing data, labs, tests, results, protocols etc. The world is responding faster with each outbreak (Sars --> MERS --> COVID-19)

What Can We Do?
1.  Practice Good Hand Hygiene:
Wash your hands as per CDC guidelines. 

2.  Find Out What the PAUSD Interim Plans are for Emergency Closures:
Ask PAUSD what their emergency plans are for early dismissals, as well as what plans / infrastructure they have in place for online learning should the next Coronavirus outbreak happen at PAUSD.
3. Advocate:
As concerned citizens, we need to lobby and advocate for greater collaboration globally amongst the scientific community and health care communities. Covering up infections does not help Public Health related concerns. We need full transparency.

Last Miscellaneous Points:
Yes, there was a re,cent case of COVID-19 in a patient in Northern California (human to human transmission) but this was in Solano County. 
If you would like more detailed info from the House of Foreign Affairs, you may listen to this youtube: This is from the House Foreign Affairs hearing today.
Thank you for reading this and Be safe. 
Indira Selvakumaraswamy