Classroom Fund
Sun, Dec 9 9:58pm
Hoover Elementary

Dear Hoover Parents,

Hope all is going well. I wish to keep you in the loop about the slight changes we are making this school year with regard to the use of the Classroom Fund and with respect to teacher appreciation. The Classroom Fund is the monies which are managed by Room Parent Treasurers in all the classrooms.

At the onset, I will like to mention that this is something that was arrived at with input from all our teachers.

The teachers want us to know that they are all very thankful and immensely grateful for the time, efforts and appreciation that Hoover Parents have always shown to them. Their preference however, would be for the money to be focused on students / and for student related things.

The Classroom fund will be now be used to:

Purchase only one gift card of an uniform amount for all the classroom teachers (and kinder aides and co-teachers) which will be given to the teachers at the End-of-the-year Appreciation in the month of May. One gift card will also be presented to the other teaching (Instructional assistants, Specialists) and non-teaching staff at the End-of-the- year Appreciation in May.

For Teacher Appreciation Week activities - A week long, different appreciation events for all teachers and staff that will happen in the 1st week of May (and the BTSN dinner for teachers was also covered by this fund).

The rest of the monies that remain in the Classroom fund, after all the above mentioned activities get covered, will be used for any classroom student related needs / requests that come from the classroom teachers.

To know the break-up of the different items in your Classroom fund, please check with your individual Room Parents / Room Treasurer.

And if you have any other clarifications or questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Thank you,

Indira Selvakumaraswamy