Community events to bid Mrs. Bimpson a fond farewell!
Tue, May 15 7:29pm
Hoover Elementary

Hoover Families & Staff,


The year is almost out and you'll hear from me just a couple more times - I promise :).  As you all know, Mrs. Bimpson will be moving on to Briones in the next school year and to bid her a fond farewell, we have a few ways the community can share their appreciation and wishes to her.

- in the office, there is a scrapbook set up on the counter for anyone to sign.  Share a memory or a wish and feel free to bring in a single picture to include.  If your children want to sign themselves, please help them do so and keep in mind we have a community of over 300 families and only 80 pages in the scrapbook to share :).  We will present this to Mrs. Bimpson at Graduation on the last day of school.

- on May 29, please join us for a reception at Mitchell Park Community Center from between 3:30 - 5:30.  More details of this reception will be shared in coming days - please be on the lookout for an invitation by email.

- on May 30, after Carnival, we will celebrate all our departing teachers and Mrs. Bimpson with cake.  Please join the entire school at this very fun event. There are still many opportunities to also help - check out the sign up here.

With regards,